Eric Bunch


Eric started NTP 2, LLC in July 2015 with the help of many mentors in the photography community and most importantly the help of his family. Spending 10 years in the photography and video community he learned different styles of photography and finds when he is in challenging situations often results in his best work. Eric is married to Jessica and has 3 boys Wyatt (9), Spencer (7) and Parker (6). When he is not working he is spending time with his boys getting into trouble and is volunteering with the Boy Scouts of America as Assistant Cubmaster for his boy's Pack in Lutz, FL. Eric is a proud BNI Member and networks in the Tampa Bay Area with several organizations. He also serves on the Tampa Firefighters Museum Board and actively volunteers with Tampa Fire Rescue and his families foundation The Matthew T. Bunch Foundation. 

Eric's Top 10 Favorite Portraits


Number 10

Branding yourself and utilizing the background to tell their story is so rewarding.


Number 8

This image took years for me to capture and remains Steve's favorite portrait today. It is about catching the right matter how long it might take.


Number 7

It is a honor to be part of a huge project....and there is no feeling like being 35 feet in the air swaying back and forth in a scissor lift.


Number 9

I mean its too cute for words...


Number 6

Many call me crazy for enjoying weddings but this image is the main reason when it all comes together to make a beautiful image.


Number 5

A boy and his godfather! One of my all time favorite images. There are not many words to describe why so just take a look.


Number 4

When customers trust me to dream up a image to describe their brand is so much fun. Melissa was in full support of my vision for this portrait.


Number 3

Each photographer has a style that they like and this image shows perfectly my perfect image. Even more so this family has been supporters of my business and friends of the family.


Number 2

Giving back and helping others is very important to me and part of my mission. This group of patients of a local hospital were so thankful for us they wanted a photo with the photographers.


Number 1

Those who know me know my story and part of my "why". This portrait with my late brother with my wife and 3 sons is one of the best memories I have.